Markkah originates from a Finnish word symbolizing Originality | Individuality and simply that's what we stand for. Finding a balance between minimal and subtle representation of Urban Nomad. Perpetual battle between conservatism and convectional. Label brings you innovative separates, crystalizing the notions, essence, shapes and elements of life.

Markkah denotes an ode to Slow fashion. The idea originates from the need to understanding of what product one wants to invest in. Reducing overconsumption and utilizing our resources to its best. We believe in maximizing the use of products bought through us, hence we work on bringing styles that are season-less and evergreen . Our team is devoted to bring the most unique, comfort based yet lasting experiences to you. 

When you wear the clothes and the clothes don't wear you, when you look good and you make it look easy. You are not just someone in the audience. Wear your heart on your sleeve or maybe without a sleeve.

Markkah is the brainchild of Esha Gulati, a fashion graduate, Her love for transformable fashion and in-depth research and analysis on the same led to the birth of this label. She believes that clothes need to have a longer age than what we give credit to these days. Every style can be reformed and transformed to be worn in multiple ways and that's exactly how she plays with her design process with Markkah.

We grew as a response to an ever changing world. It recognizes the necessity as well as duty to shift to a better approach for our environment. At Markkah, we try to reduce waste and have been mindfully using comfortable light-weight breathable fabrics sourced from factory bulks, we also have a limited inventory production and any orders beyond the same are placed on Made to Order , reducing over production and wastage.